Kayak school

Private Kayak Instruction or Custom Kayak Lessons

Whether you are a beginning kayaker wanting to improve your rolls, or an advanced kayaker looking to master sweet freestyle moves, a personal kayak instructor can help reach your personal goals. Let our skilled kayak-gurus  give you the instruction you need to improve your skill and confidence on the water. Prior to the “class” our instructors will take time to help you determine a set of goals and the appropriate stretch of the river for the day. Private instruction is the best way to help you rapidly increase your skills as a paddler. Private Instructions start at $175.00/per day. The price includes gear, transportation, and a organic deli style lunch. Please call for more information about personal kayak instruction.

Skill Clinics for Paddlers

White water is a super dynamic environment that can bring limitless joy and fear into the hearts of all boaters. Boof and stroke clinics for paddlers can help you refine your technical skills and gain the confidence you need to take on new challenges. Clinics start at $85.00/ per person. Please call for for more information.